Cantergo is an internet portal, where you will be able to find different e-commerce stores offering products and services of the most varied characteristics. All of them boast a proven quality, which is supervised by our organisation.

It consists of four industry-leading companies, made up of a multidisciplinary team of consultants, specialists in their field and experienced personnel in e-commerce development. In addition to providing the necessary physical infrastructure for the development of each company's customised business plan, such as temperature-controlled warehouses, picking and excellent national and international logistics.

Ultimately, this portal is a framework where to market your products and/or services. To do so, we at the Cantergo organisation will develop a sales plan according to your needs, with special attention to internationalisation, whenever they are demanded. This is the big difference Cantergo provides to the companies attached to us, besides the lack of exclusivity, i.e. they can sell via as many channels and portals as they wish. These companies have been advised and their organisations implemented, according to their specific features, by four industry-leading companies.

Logística Sanmival s.l. is a logistics operator, able to adapt its structure to the customer's needs and the changing market conditions. With a dynamic organisation that enables the prospective study of these conditions to make the necessary decisions, based on the sizing of warehouses, transport, communications and information systems. Provides value-added services for its stock management, advice and consulting. Has extensive knowledge of the logistics chain as a whole, allowing it to take the initiative for greater efficiency in operating this chain. Able to create and manage a "system" that takes into account each client's specific needs.

Asercomex Logistics s.l. offers, through our advice, the optimisation of shipments to obtain an efficient service at the best price and under the best conditions. We feature a fast, efficient and personal service, rendered by highly qualified professionals, who combine experience, knowledge and the best relations with the administration. A leading, pioneering and consolidated company in exporting goods to international markets with an extensive range of experience and development of unparalleled commercial activities in such diverse areas as Asia and the Middle East, with storage facilities in the most varied circumstances and temperature and with picking on demand, covering and complementing our more complex logistics. Headquartered in the transport hub of the city of Burgos' customs facilities and its dry dock.

Geotelecom s.l. a Google business partner, nominated and referenced as a highly efficient and reliable company in conducting electronic marketing with unique proprietary tools, will guide us and lead our company to success within the network.

SSII Server s.l. a specialist and dean in software and digital content development, which is widely established among the business community and has decided to be included in the network. It has successfully developed e-commerce applications for customers in many industries. It boasts knowledge and experience in virtually all aspects that make up the online universe. It leads the project.
A partner on the path to digital transformation. This entails for companies a radical change from multiple viewpoints, be they organisational, cultural, operational and technological. A necessary change to achieve the agility required in developing products and services in order to adapt to changing market conditions.